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The growth of kidney bean to ask what conditions?

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The growth of kidney bean to ask what conditions?

* : * : admin * : 2016-09-07 * : 7
Bean requirements for environmental conditions:

Temperature: beans thermophilic, not resistant to frost. The temperature is 20 to 25 DEG C for its seed germination, germination to 35 DEG C or below 10 DEG C; seedling growing suitable temperature of 18 to 20 DEG C, the critical temperature for the growth of less than 13 DEG C, 13 C, very few and short, no nodules, poor growth of stems and leaves.

The most suitable for the flower bud differentiation temperature is 20 to 25 DEG, 30 DEG C high temperature and drought will lose its vitality and flower pollen, less than 15 degrees or higher than 27 DEG C, prone to incomplete flowering phenomenon, also caused by falling. The suitable temperature for 18 flowering podding period - 25 DEG C, high temperature or low temperature can cause a large number of flowers, the high temperature of 35 DEG C when the falling rate of more than 95% high night temperature drop of flowers and pods are particularly serious.

Light: bean light to light intensity requirements after nightshade, the light saturation point
 was 25 thousand lux, compensation for 1500 lux. The bean changes in illumination is extremely 
sensitive, light weak overgrowth, stem node number and leaf decreased, flowering light pod rate
 is low, 2 consecutive days will be cloudy flower.

Water requirements: bean soil permeability is good, the soil moisture content in 60% - 70%, 60% lower than the root growth deteriorated; wet soil or water, soil oxygen deficiency, will cause the fallen leaves, and even cause the death of the whole plant. The flowering period of soil water, air humidity is big, can't break pollen germination, flower and pod shedding more. At podding stage, soil drought, pod growth is slow, the skin is easily formed hardening, leathery layer, coarse quality.

The soil nutrient bean is most suitable for humic substances, soil deep, well drained soil, the soil is favorable for the growth and the activity of root nodule bacteria. Heavy or low wetlands, drainage, poor ventilation, affecting the absorption of roots, and susceptible to disease, and even cause falling leaves.

Bean growing period of potassium absorption and absorption more, although the amount is not much, but the lack of phosphorus plants and rhizobia poor growth, flowering and fruiting, low 
yield. The bean pods for eating, rhizobia not very rich, the supply of nitrogen fertilizer, is conducive to the improvement of quality and yield.

Growth of boron and molybdenum on bean, Rhizobium activity has good effect, the lack of these elements will disrupt the normal growth of plants. The proper application of borax and ammonium molybdate can improve the yield and quality of kidney bean.