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Day management technology of soybean

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Day management technology of soybean

* : * : admin * : 2016-09-07 * : 6
1, and early seedling. Nongyan said: "early thinning one inch, on top of a crop of dung". Thinning on mechanical drill or large plough buckle hand will bean is particularly important, ask after seedling seedling distribution uniform and reasonable, timely to prevent bullying seedlings seedlings, reduced soil moisture and nutrient consumption, make seedling development balanced healthy, so as to improve the yield of soybean. In general thinning of soybean seedlings of two leaf flat, having compound leaves during the period of. When the thinning to remove seedling disease, weak seedling, seedling and Sichuan hybrid seedlings.

2, weeding. General requirements to do three shovel three boring. Specific time: the first time in June 1st, second times in June 20th, third times in late 6 or early July, according to the situation of boring end shovel soybean growth third times, and then pick up the big ridge.

3, seedling fertilizer. On the barren land, should be based on the soil fertility and the seedling appearance of nitrogen fertilizer per hectare, generally 75 to 100 kg of nitrate nitrogen. Take the shovel second times of furrow boring, or spraying potassium dihydrogen phosphate, potassium dihydrogen phosphate O.5 kg per hectare to 400 kg of water. Can also be
 carried out with the combination of anti aphids.

4, control of aphids and moth. The soybean aphid is the main pest of soybean production, if serious, will lead to the occurrence of bean leaf curl, the spread of the virus, resulting in significantly reduced, when in early June to early July, such as aphids reached the control index, namely the aphid strain rate ranging from 30% to 40%, one hundred strains of aphids reached 1500 above the head, immediately with 40% dimethoate to prepare 800 to 1000 times liquid spray control, liquid medicine amount per hectare 600 ~ 700 kg. Oxygen can also be used to prepare 2000 to le Qingju EC 3000 times liquid spray control, liquid medicine 600 per hectare to 700 kg.
Soybean pod borer in recent years is also harm another heavy pest of soybean. In early August each year into the adult stage eggs hatch into larvae eating beans, seriously affected the decrease in soybean, soybean commodity value. The current method for control of soybean pod borer commonly used: corn stalk 80% dichlorvos EC 0.5 kg 50 kg soaked peeled, sprinkle in the 
evening l hectares of soybean fields for fumigation treatment.

5 remove grass field. In the weeding process often left to the later stage of growth of weeds, although the leaves lush, but not to live. These weeds grow fast, tall plants, soybean, water, fertilizer and glory, seriously affect the normal development of soybean in the soybean, so boring after the shovel at the end of 7, or the beginning of August, these must be removed in order to soybean grass, ventilation, light, ripening yield. In so doing, the latter can also be reduced.