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Current situation of soybean processing industry in China

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Current situation of soybean processing industry in China

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At present, China's soybean squeezing enterprises are mainly distributed in the northeast and coastal areas. The coastal area of the rapid expansion of soybean crushing capacity, to the coastal provinces of China in 2010 and Southern China in the East, soya oil refinery capacity has reached 170 thousand tons, annual processing of 51 million tons of soybeans. The northeast and North China oil, soybean crushing capacity of 100 thousand tons or so, which is half of the crushing capacity in the coastal areas, and these imported soybean crushing enterprises preferred.
1, soybean processing industry
The soybean processing industry in our country is mainly the initial pressing, the production technology and the level of the developed countries are similar. So far, China's oil processing equipment manufacturing enterprises have to build large pre pressing extraction 3000t/d, oil refining capacity of 500t/d and other oil comprehensive utilization processing production line to provide the full set of equipment localization. China's oil solvent used for the traditional 6 solvent (range 60-90 C). The energy consumption of large key equipments in the initial pressing of soybean is relatively high. Low temperature soybean meal production technology and equipment (peeling equipment, etc.), the efficiency and stability of the international advanced equipment, compared with the existing gap.
2, soybean protein processing industry
Soybean protein processing is a new direction of soybean processing and utilization in China over the last 10 years. Soybean protein products are mainly used in meat products, beverages, frozen food products in China. Among them, the soybean protein isolate was the main variety, which accounted for more than 50% of the total soybean protein production. By the end of 2006, the total design of soybean protein isolate was nearly 300 thousand tons. But the product variety is single, the application field is narrow, the product export price is low, the production waste water is not effective for processing, protein production, one of the key equipment of the centrifuge still need to import. Soy protein concentrate production has just started, with the domestic consumer market demand is a big gap, especially modified, modified protein concentrate production technology is not mature. There are 4 enterprises in the production of concentrated protein, the design capacity of less than 50 thousand tons. Organization protein enterprises have 17, the design capacity of 100 thousand tons. In recent years, a lot of low temperature soybean meal manufacturers, production of about 350 thousand tons, which provides raw materials for the development of soybean protein. At present, China's soybean protein industry has been designed to yield 586 thousand tons. Soy protein, soy protein, soy protein, soy protein, soy protein production ratio is low, the product layout is contrary to foreign. The domestic soybean protein production technology are heavy alkali extraction and acid production technology, the equipment has been made, but the key equipment problems of unstable performance; soy protein concentration by ethanol production technology and equipment is blank; organization of soybean protein extrusion technology, non textured soy protein production technology and equipment of high moisture extrusion using; modification and preparation of different functional soy protein modification technology for production technology and different functional soybean protein products is less, greatly limits the application of soybean protein in food and other fields.
3, soybean deep processing and comprehensive utilization
Our country has made some progress in soybean and soybean protein deep processing and comprehensive utilization, the overall level of soybean protein and soybean lecithin processing enterprises backward technology and equipment, processing capacity is small, additional technical content of products, value-added rate and low market share. Comprehensive development and utilization level is not high and the depth of processing capability is not strong, rich resources of soybean is a potential economic advantage, deep processing of products is still in the technical level of test process and test results of aging in China, industrialization conditions, production technology and equipment is still a large gap compared with the developed countries. In addition, in the country no unified standard of quality of deep processing products of phospholipids, oligosaccharides, dietary fiber, isoflavone, saponin, natural VE, soybean protein peptide and complete the production and processing enterprises, lack of coordination, product quality is uneven, can not implement good organization and coordination and management. In recent years, China's soybean active material is widely research and development, such as soybean peptide, soybean fiber, soybean isoflavone, soybean lecithin, soybean isoflavone only as raw material products have more than and 40 brand products in the domestic products, but the raw materials were mixed and rough form, such as soy isoflavones, edible mixed crude lecithin, its specific functional properties and single product were developed. Application of membrane technology in soybean comprehensive processing and utilization, extraction and purification of active substances of soybean, new technology, new product research and development will be the development trend.
4, dietary protein sources
Add a certain amount of soy protein powder in the flour, the two grain amino acid complementary, not only can improve the protein content of the products, but also can greatly improve the bioavailability of the protein, which is the optimal scheme of FAO and who accepted. Many developing countries and developed countries are required to add soy protein in flour products. As early as 1996, the country has begun to implement the "soybean action plan", which has made remarkable achievements in improving the nutritional quality of children in the remote areas of China. The purpose of these programs is to improve the physical quality of the people of our country. Protein intake is still insufficient in the dietary structure of Chinese residents. Especially in the west of China and rural areas. A large gap between the protein intake of residents in developed countries. This situation has seriously restricted the improvement of the quality of the whole people in our country. Therefore, it is necessary to develop high protein diet, reasonable and low cost high protein diet, to meet the goal of improving protein intake in poor areas.