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The role of red bean

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The role of red bean

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The role of red bean:
1, red bean extract had inhibitory effect on Staphylococcus aureus, Shigella flexneri and Salmonella typhi, etc..
2, red bean soup beverage service, can be used for the treatment of kidney, heart and liver caused by malnutrition, inflammation, edema and other reasons.
3, red bean contains large amounts of fiber for the treatment of constipation, and promote the diuretic effect of potassium. These two components can be cholesterol and salt to the body of unnecessary ingredients excreted out of the body, so it is considered to have the effect of detoxification.
4, red bean also can be used for the treatment of heart and kidney edema, beriberi, edema and ascites for Chuangdu disease, have a certain effect.
5, red bean with red Poria, kiyotoshi under wet coke can be used for virulence, heat accumulation dysuria, hematuria, edema of lower limbs, or diarrhea.
6, red bean with angelica, dampness heat, blood stasis for the heat, in addition to the wet and then can be used to stop bleeding, abdominal pain, hygropyretic hematochezia, hematuria.
7, red bean with ephedra, both can benefit water, but the red bean qingrelishi and detumescence, and detoxification, ephedra Chang Qi declared and issued bladder diuresis, matched with Xuanfei Lishi, heat effect.
8, red bean with Phytolacca americana, by water and flatulence, commonly used in the fullness of edema.
9, red bean with forsythia, could explain heart fire and dampness and heat and detoxification, can cure jaundice damp, damp heat stranguria, acute pelvic inflammatory disease and postpartum fever.
10, red bean with carp, beriberi edema and areca.
11, red bean with egg white coating, heat treatment etc..
12, red bean with rhizome in the enhancement of the water swelling at the same time, there is a certain cooling Tonglin of power, can be used for edema, beriberi edema, dysuria, hematuria with closed disease.
13, red bean with goity, Suanku Chung discharge, emetic action very nimble, and red bean in supporting the flatulence, the gag injury is used for phlegm stagnation chest, indigestion and diarrhea not wan and.
14, red bean milk can: boiled red bean juice beverage. (the book of "the party")
15, red bean red bean milk to treat women blowing: wine research, temperature, sediment deposited in. ("good woman Addendum")
16, red bean treating wind -- exanthemata: red bean, Schizonepeta spike parts, for the end of the Qing egg coating. (the "compendium")
17, red bean treatment cattle meat poisoning: burn bean a litre, at the end of three inch dagger. ("Qian")
18, red bean treating edema not sitting, head and body are swollen: burning ash, mulberry sauce, boiled red bean hollow food make full, do not eat instant hunger. (Mei Shi Ji Fang Fang)
19, red bean treatment of a single large ascites disease: a lot of cogongrass rhizome, red bean three liters, cooked dry to eat beans, couchgrass root, with the urine under water. (by "elbow behind")
20, red bean treating edema from the feet, into the abdominal kill red bean: a liter of boiled make very rotten juice four or five liters, soaking the following knee; if into the abdomen, but do not take bean, omnivorous. ("alone")
21, red bean cure gangrene early: bean vinegar for the end, also disappear. ("the square")
22, red bean size cure intestinal carbuncle, qi stagnation and blood stasis caused by heat coagulation: red bean, coix seed, radix, licorice, Jiantang clothes. ("shortcut" red bean soup yangke Coix)
23, red bean treating children Skyfire Dan, red meat such as red, such as the larger hand, even all over the body, or pain or itch or swollen red bean: two liters. At the end of the egg white and thin mud deposited, it is easy to do. All Dan and use this recipe. ("Qian")
24, red bean in treating the acute yellow body such as gold: red bean one or two, cloves, a millet, Guadi half smoked incense, a land of money, green cloth five inch (ash), musk money (Xi Yan). On the beaten Shiloh scattered, Duyan well. Each serving regardless of the time, with porridge drinking a blow with a little money; if the current water. ("San Hui Fang" red bean powder)
25, red bean cure hemorrhoids stool often intestinal blood: a liter of bitter bean, five liters of boiled beans cooked, dry, Funa sake, Hou wine do check at the end. Drink wine on three inch dagger. ("the rear of the elbow")
26, red bean toxin treatment of blood, or by ingestion of thermal action: Chixiaodou pestle end water bottom inch dagger. (Mei Shi Ji Fang Fang)
27, red bean treatment of buccal swelling: red bean and honey with the end, or at the end of lotus leaf. (the "compendium")
28, red bean in heavy tongue: red bean powder, vinegar and coating on the tongue. ("Qian")
29, red bean treatment on the tongue and bleeding, such as hairpin hole: a liter of bean, pestle broken, three litres of water, stir and juice beverage. ("the rear of the elbow")
30 red bean, red bean five: beriberi, a gourd head, a ginger (and crushing), a poke root (cut). With boiled beans, rotten soup, suitable temperature, to eat gourd, beans, fasting food, spinning SIP juice to do. (the "map")
31, red bean beriberi toilet astringent, shortness of breath, body swollen feet flatulence, into water: red bean half liter, mulberry bark (sunburn, file) 22, perilla stem (a file, baking). Three in addition to flavor bean, Luo Dao for the end. Each serving to bean a, five light water to cook bean juice, two at the end of four, as Qian Bi, ginger, crushed, fried to a half, and then choose any hollow clothes, eating beans, day. ("Shengji Zonglu" red bean soup)
32, red bean cure typhoid fever heat and blood stasis