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Storage technology of soybean

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Storage technology of soybean

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The species of the genus in maturing varieties, plant height, branching ability, developed root system, robust growth, very spectacular, disease resistance, lodging resistance. Pod ability, pods and seeds per pod, 2--3 grains, 4 seed pods accounted for more than 10%, 100 grain weight 82-88 grams of fresh beans, dried beans and 100 grain weight 42--44 grams, high yield, average yield of about 200 kg of dry beans, high yield up to 250 kilograms per mu, more than 900 kilograms of fresh soya beans. Seeds black, green nuts, crystal clear, especially for fresh edible soybean, its taste is more sweet, good taste, unique flavor. The black bean cultivation should pay attention to the following questions:
One, timely sowing. Spring in the middle of April, under the ground, 5 cm ground temperature should be 18~C; the Yangtze River Basin in summer. After the rape also can sow wheat in the north of the Yangtze River; after the wheat harvest immediately grab broadcast, should ensure that aired in mid June.
Two, reasonable density. The variety of plant height, suitable for sparse sowing. Medium fertility, spring sowing per mu 1.1-1.3 strains, 10 thousand strains of high fertilizer sowing field; summer sowing 1.2-1.5 million trees, late sowing, poor fertility plots should increase planting density, 1.8-2.0 per mu million trees. General 30-40 cm 20-25 cm spacing, spacing, hole sowing 2-3 grains, with 4-5 kg.
Three, field management. With plowing 667 meters 2. Three element compound fertilizer, 2000 kg 20-30 kg farmyard manure as base fertilizer. Check after the emergence of seedlings, which fill the gaps. The plant height of about 20 cm per acre, nitrogen fertilizer, phosphorus and potassium fertilizer 15 kg, summer sowing did not apply fertilizer should be added fertilizer. The height of more than 50 cm, the vigorous growth of the field with Paclobutrazol WP 15% 2000 times liquid spraying 1-2, prevent the soaring, early flowering stage was 10 kg per urea, and spraying concentration of 0.01%-0.05% ammonium molybdate solution, to reduce crop pod abscission, accelerate bean enlargement, increase production.
Four, Nakako Osa. The growth of early Qin weeding, prevention and control of aphids, attention to prevention and treatment of etiella zinckenella and later.